Monday Gets Creative


We’ve given our Mondays Purpose and Also Got Inspired…..Now let’s ‘run the moths out’ of the right side of your brain and let

Monday Get Creative……..

I have so many creative projects I would like to do; but never seem to find (or make) the time for any of them.   Got to get that dormant side of our brains churning!  There are so many cobwebs in mine that it is a huge effort to think in that mode right now.  Maybe sit down and make a list of what you would like to do and then just close your eyes and randomly pick one of them.

Here’s the “pick” on my list.  These are some of the cards I put together.  You can buy the card stock at just about any of the craft stores.  I had a bunch of ribbon and just cut it into strips and glued them on the card stock.  Nothing fancy or super original; but hope when they are sent to friends that they know I took a little extra time to make something special for them.  Nothing fancy here…just fun stuff.  The more you do–the better you get.  Hope you’ll have fun with your project too.

Okay that’s one project only about 99,000 more to go.  But….The creative juices are flowing. 

I find it very interesting how so many times we have creative thoughts and ideas flowing through our mind; but we just don’t even acknowledge that they exist sometimes.  I have several artist friends and I really admire them for allowing their creative thoughts and abilities to surface daily.  Art is all around us.  We need to just stop our mind and take in all the amazing colors and sounds and shapes and miraculous creations that we are exposed to every day.  When I am walking my dog, Tramp, I love seeing so many different and colorful flowers.  I want to just pick them all and bring them home.  I do, however, resist the urge (most of the time) feeling that they should be left in their place to share with others.  I have a little flower garden started near my front door and would be devastated if someone cut them and took them home.

Creativity comes in all different forms.  What’s your specialty?   Maybe you would like to paint or maybe do a little pottery.  Or maybe decorate a room in your house or build a new shelving unit that you need for storage.  Maybe you want to write a book or even create some music or since it is the good ole IRS season, maybe you can get creative on your taxes……not too much though.  The ‘Gov” wouldn’t appreciate too much artistry.

If you feel it is just too overwhelming to even begin, then check out an art museum or local gallery in your area and take some time to appreciate work by others.  I find that can be great stimulation to get my creative thoughts started.  The main thing is to use the moment to put a little balance in your life.  There is a great book called ‘Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain’  by Betty Edwards that can help you understand all the reasons why opening ourselves to creativity can help us in everything we do.  The author conducts workshops and forums in lots of different types of workplaces; and has unearthed great results in the most devout Left Brainer!    I’m reading a book that a friend gave me called ‘At Left Brain Turn Right’.   It’s a fun book to read by Anthony Meindl, a local director of a well known Actor Workshop here in L.A.  He talks about how actors have to continue to struggle to keep Right Brain focused.  We don’t think of artist having some of the same struggles as us “closet” artists.

So… your list made?  Hope this is a start of something fun and inspiring and artistic and stimulating and rewarding…..all wrapped up into one!!  If you’re still hesitating, just grab your keys and head to the local art supply store and wander down the aisles for something to ‘jump’ into your basket.  At very, very least….grab one of those ‘paint by number’ kits.  They always remind me of my childhood and long summer days sitting on the porch working on one of those ‘masterpieces’.  Remember—it’s not about the perfection of the creation…..but rather about just experiencing the creative process and letting your Brain wander to a different  and more artful place.

Feel free to post a comment to let me know what the Right Side of YOUR Brain is doing!  I know I have some really amazing artist friends out there who can provide some great links to check out to help with inspiration.  I’m sure you have a few artist friends yourself.  Maybe give them a buzz to get together and help you get started on your path to a more creative and balanced life.

Happy Creative Monday!




2 thoughts on “Monday Gets Creative

  1. Thank you so much for this reminder. I rarely take time to enjoy art, let alone create, but I love doing both. I guess that’s the bummer. So, you have inspired me to (1) be really aware of the beauty and creativity around me this week, and (2) to create something this week. Not sure what it is yet, but I guess that’s your point… GET CREATIVE WITH IT. It will be fun. Thanks again.

    • Thanks, Matt. Hope you make the time this week to create something beautiful….you deserve taking that special time for yourself.
      Remember…Got to keep that balance in your life. You Matter!! Smiles, Nancy

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