Monday Gets Pet Friendly

I love my dog, Tramp, and each day I realize what a good friend he is to me.  This morning, we went on our usual walk. Often,  I take him on the same path each day; however, this morning I decided to let him decide where we would go.  As we stopped at each corner and I let him take the reins of what direction we would go, it seemed that he would get very excited that he was on a new adventure and could hardly wait to cross the road to see what new things he might encounter.  It was a bit warm this morning and he even seemed to choose the shady side of the street to roam.  As his gait started to slow down a bit, it seemed that he somehow knew when to start taking the turn back to home.  We probably walked about three times what we normally do and neither of us seemed to notice the extended range.

When we got home, I realized that I was very appreciative that he had motivated me to ‘change my course’ and enjoy a new view today….not to mention to get more exercise as well.  Having a pet is an amazing addition to our life.  I feel very thankful to have someone who loves me so unconditionally and always seems to enjoy my company…..So Today, in honor of my good friend, Tramp……


Monday Gets Pet Friendly

I got Tramp from a shelter when he was a little less than a year old and he has been with me for about seven years now.  We have gone through some difficult times together and he seems to offer the same amount of love day in and day out…no more what life’s agenda has been dealt to us.  It is very sad to think how many poor animals are stuck in shelters that just want to be able to offer the same thing as Tramp.  I wish pet owners would be serious about the responsibility of getting a pet and commit fully to what it takes to care for them.  They often give back much more than they are given.

This is one of Tramp’s very best buddies…Juneau.  He is a Siberian Husky  and has been with his master since he was just a little puppy.  Juneau has done a great job of training his master too!!   He demands long walks and somehow has the ability to convince his owner that BarBQ spareribs are really good for him…..despite the later emergency 3 a.m. walk when he gets so sick.

Another sweet dog we pass most mornings is this sweet ole yellow lab.  She just celebrated her 13th birthday.  Happy Birthday Zora….Amazing!

She seems to me to hold years of wisdom and understanding about life.  She sometimes looks at you as if she is waiting for you to catch up with her knowledge.  She is a bit slow now, but she still knows what she wants and likes and will fight to the end to maintain her ruling throne.  13 is supposedly 91 in dog years; so guess she deserves the respect she demands.  Keep on tickin’ Zora!!  We like your style! 🙂

So dear animal lovers, here is what I want you to do today.

All creatures matter!  Take the time to do something nice for your pet today.  Maybe they need a new bed or toy or a nice brushing or bath would be great too.  Perhaps, you might also enjoy an extra long walk.

If you don’t have a pet, there are lots of pet shelter organizations in your own neighborhood that need supplies.  Most of them post the lists on their websites or a quick call can get you the information you need.  Sometimes, I know it is not possible for everyone to adopt a pet; but animals in shelters still need a little extra TLC.  Maybe you could volunteer to help bathe or walk some of the animals.  They need to know that they matter too.  They are innocent creatures who need to know they are loved.

So…..have you hugged your pet today?!!  It’s a moment I never let slip by each day.  A quick hug goes a long way for them….not to mention that it makes me feel good too.

You Matter……and so do all creatures on this earth.  Take the time to make a difference in their life too.

Have a great Monday.




5 thoughts on “Monday Gets Pet Friendly

  1. what a happy post, and we love our pets, don’t we! i have a chocolate lab named hershey and a beagle named disco:) thank you, nancy! always – for making me smile on this warm sunday night.

    • Pets are a ‘must’ in my life. I had two chocolate labs…Kanga and Rue (of the Hundred Acre Woods). I have now had chocolate, black and yellow and love them all. Glad you’re smiling. You Matter. Smiles, Nancy

  2. My Goober and I try to walk about 6 miles every morning. Sundays are Goober’s Choice days and they are always the most exciting routes 🙂

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