Monday Gets on the Scale

OK….I have a question.  If you have a driver’s license that lists your weight and height, are they accurate?  If not, are they off by 10%, 20%, Yikes! 30% or more???  If so, join the club.  Supposedly, most women lie about their weight and men lie about their height.  Not all states require the weight part, but I wonder why we have such an important document that we feel the need to avoid the truth?!!  Do you think that when other people look at our license that they check the weight or height and then snicker to themselves?  Obviously, it’s not important to DMV because I’ve never had to “weigh in” for them.  Have you?  Oh the horror, right?!!

What I find interesting about the weight part is that we know we need to lose weight, but feel the need to avoid dealing with it even when it comes to being a responsible and honest, license-carrying citizen.  I wonder if we had to weigh in at the DMV when we renewed our license if we would even avoid renewing it….kind of like we do when we need to go to the doctor.  How many of you have tried to make great effort to lose a pound or more the week or two before your doctor’s appointment?  I’m raising my hand because I’ve sure been there.  I even try to find the very lightest weight clothing sometimes….no heavy jeans or boots are on my body when I step on that scale!!  Let’s get honest…..

Monday Gets on the Scale

I went through years of professing my weight (the one of my choosing) to DMV or anyone else that asked, knowing that it was a huge exaggeration.  I knew I needed to lose weight and get healthy, but I continued to live in the fiction world.  Why did I wait so long to do anything about it??  I still can’t answer that question.   I guess we all have to “hit that wall” that makes us “look in the mirror” to make changes in our lives.  I am very thankful that I found info about the Paleo lifestyle this year.  I can say honestly that I am finally at the weight that I have proclaimed for years and less than I have weighed in at least 15 years or more.  What ‘clicked’ I wonder?  What makes us throw those bad habits out the window?

It is really intriguing to me to see someone seem to change, literally, overnight.  They do all the things that are wrong for them and then suddenly, one day, all the “lessons” they have been given miraculously make sense.  I wonder if it is something cosmic-like…..if all the stars are aligned in a certain manner and we “receive” information…that info suddenly will get absorbed??!!   Any scientist out there that can answer that question?  I have a bunch of other issues to work on too, so maybe I could start planning for that cosmic-alignment moment now.

What would you like to change about yourself?

How close are you to your DMV weight?

And, yes, what do you have on your “list” that you have not ever checked off?

I wonder what is going to have to happen in your life to get you to “look in the mirror” and see the reality.

Are you ready to change?

Well, whatever you would like to happen, be sure to stop saying:  “Oh, I could never give that up”, or “I just don’t have time” or even “I’ll work on that next year.”

How about changing your mantra to “I Matter” or “I care about myself” or even “I love myself”.  It is amazing to me to talk to people who are not able to say this to themselves…..AND they don’t know that others care about them either.

So today…..I’m saying it for you.  I’m going to tell you the truth because I care.


Did you hear me???!!

Are you ready to start?  Repeat after me….

I Matter.  I Matter.  I Matter.

Now, take the next step and make changes.  What do you see in the mirror?

Pretend the planets are in alignment and you can

do anything you want to do…..starting today…now!!

You can do it.




7 thoughts on “Monday Gets on the Scale

  1. I think that picture is very powerful. And may reflect the genesis of change in our lives. Perhaps we get tired of seeing an image in the mirror that we can no longer bear to look at; or in your case, no longer wish to fib about your weight but instead do something about it. Keep up the good work and stay motivated. 🙂

    • Thanks Bea. Change is difficult for many and staying motivated is even harder. However, if we just change our mindset, it can be so exciting and rewarding. I think I need to print the picture and post it on all my mirrors. It does, indeed, say a lot.
      You Matter to me! Smiles, Nancy

  2. I’m happy to report that I’m 15 pounds below the weight that I was when I lied to the San Diego County DMV three years ago. And THAT was a 45 pound lie! That said, I tried on my 10th grade prom dress yesterday, thinking I could wear it for Halloween (Drew and I were planning on going as Jareth and Sarah from Labyrinth) and it doesn’t fit. I need a new ‘click’.

    • Good for you, Maritza, with the DMV part. We all need adjusting from time to time. Halloween is still a few weeks away.

  3. One place I lived did have a scale as well as a measuring device on the wall for height so that what was on your license was accurate.
    Another place had a DMV lady who was fond of “guessing” your weight. I let her guess mine, and she was low by around 20% but I carried that license since that is what I must “look like” I weigh.
    Where I live now, it is self-reported and kept “on file” though not printed on your actual card. I bet people still fudge that report.
    Also, my husband has that kitty-lion-mirror picture as a tattoo.
    I do believe that our bodies are designed to eat a certain way, which is quite different from the average easy access food available today. I have eating this way throughout my life, with exceptions happening through laziness. While there is definitely an immediate benefit to sloth, it has never been worth the inferior food. Lazy-food has very little flavor, and even less variety in the flavors it does have; it has no texture; and the impact on how it makes my body feel afterward (even more lazy, constipated, BLAH!) is more than enough to convince me.

    • Well said!!! The convenience food wins out because we’re just lazy to make better choices….but then, you’re right! It just makes us feel MORE lazy! I am working hard at not been lazy lately. Some days are better than others.
      Are you serious about the tattoo?? Love it.
      Have a great week. Smiles, Nancy

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