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Nancy and her sweet dog, Tramp        Nancy is Operations Manager at Every Monday Matters at the corporate office in Los Angeles, CA.   She would love to hear your comments and your efforts to make Monday the beginning of something new. Check out the very first blog….Monday Gets Purpose to get some insight as to how this Blog got started.  Every Monday Matters offers school curriculum that can be purchased to add exciting additions to the educational systems in your area.  In addition, the corporate responsibility programs for companies are an awesome experience that will add tremendous value to any company of any size. Nancy can be reached at 310.961.4044 or by email:  Nancy@everymondaymatters.com



5 thoughts on “About the author

    • Awww! Thanks, Muguet. You inspire me too. In fact, I kind of feel we sometimes share in getting things done on each of our lists. For All, Muguet Cochran is the Executive Vice President of Every Monday Matters. She is awesome at knowing where each employee’s strengths are and knowing who will be best at each work task or project. I feel very fortunate to have Muguet and Matt as mentors.

  1. Nancy~Great work here – And wow, ‘Hello In There’ took me back. Still as relevant today as ever!
    Thanks and love and all the best always … Joe

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