Monday gets Thankful for the Memories

When I was walking my dog, Tramp, yesterday, I realized something interesting about myself.  By writing this Blog each week, it makes me stop to reflect about my life and makes me more appreciative of where I am in my journey today.  I know the many thoughts cross my mind daily; but writing them down adds value and nourishment to their existence and gives them a feeling of abundance.

I have always been one to appreciate small things; but somehow, every little thing I encounter now, seems so much more important.  I wonder what would happen if we allowed school-aged children to have a time in their daily lessons to reflect about their day.   No grade to be given or even any kind of judgment or revealing to others….just a moment to acknowledge their difficulties or happiness for the day.  I bet we would have a society of much more well-balanced individuals.

Do you take time to write your thoughts in a journal?  Probably everyone had a diary at some point in their lives.  I wish I had done more of it.  There are things when I was younger that I have just vague memories of that I would like to recall more details.  Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone kept journals?  If my Grandmother had kept a journal, I would love to be able to read it now.  She lived to be 96 and told tales of her life of leaving Virginia in a covered wagon to move to Tennessee.  What an adventure!   What a great treasure it would have been to have something like that to pass onto other generations! Hmmmmm….well, I didn’t take a covered wagon; but I did cross the country to move to California.  Guess that counts for a bit of adventure too…And I have pictures to go along with the documenting of the journey.

Perhaps, you should consider starting the habit of taking notes of your daily life.  Maybe it will help you realize how many good things come your way.  Or perhaps, it will be something that you can read ten years from now and recall some really special moments.  Or maybe, your children or your grandchildren will read it some day and “get to know you” a little better.  I bet iPhones even have an App for the process!   Whatever you do, don’t let the precious moments get lost.

Let’s see what can we call this Monday??

I know…let’s call it

Monday Gets Thankful for the Memories

Hope you take the time to reflect on some of the special times that have happened in your life.  Maybe call someone that you haven’t talked to in ‘many moons’ to reminisce about some good memories.

It’s another wonderful Monday….Make it a good memory!!

Smiles, Nancy

Monday Gets Neighbor-ly

I love where I live.  Just a small little 1920s bungalow, with lots of charm.  Hmmmm…..funny word….”charm”.  It can mean anything from a cute little Spanish Hacienda to an old building that should have been demolished years before.  My “charming” place is somewhere in between.  It works for me and makes me feel it is home when I walk in the door.  I wonder what is the key to making a place ‘home sweet home’.  Is it the looks, the smell, the furnishings or maybe even the people that are your neighbors?  I love my neighbors too….we are quite an eclectic bunch.  The thing in old buildings is that their walls are quite thin and lack insulation for keeping the weather conditions out; but also allow a lot of your neighbor’s daily life to seep through the walls.  Instead of neighbors, we are more like roommates at times.   The daily sounds and smells drift in and out of the cardboard thin walls that hardly act like barriers.  Freshly brewed coffee for the early riser becomes the wake up call for another.  Whizzing sound of the vegan making a morning smoothie is the annoying sound for a late night-er who only arrived home a few hours before.  We all exist in our own worlds but with these intertwined sounds and smells floating in and out.  We have friends and family who get added to the mix.  We all consider this home.


 I wish I could introduce you to each of my neighbors and tell you some of their stories; but not sure that doesn’t violate some kind of privacy act.  There are so many rules and regulations now that it makes one afraid to even share our own stories for fear of being accused of some kind of intimate crime.  Too many secrets some times I think.  It makes us afraid to open up and share who we really are.  We become very protective and guarded….how can a community every grow and thrive if we are constantly monitoring what words we allow to be shared?  Maybe that’s why I like where my home is now.  Some of the barriers are brought down but still allowing a feeling of safety in our ‘charming’ little community.  We may not agree or even approve of what another is doing; but we co-exist quite nicely and are available for others when needed.

Hope you like your home too.  I really hope that you feel safe and happy in it too; and you enjoy your neighbors.  Home is really the most important place we will ever visit.  Without that feeling of “home”, there becomes a huge void in our lives.  Be thankful for your space as there are thousands of people who are not so lucky.

On this Monday,  look around your house and realize the comfort that it provides.  It may be designed exactly what you dreamed it would be or it may be ‘a work in progress’.  It may be pristine clean or piled high with clutter….no matter what is its condition…it is still Home!  Be sure to say ‘hello’ to your neighbor and ask how they are doing. We are sometimes absorbed in our own world and forget that someone else may be experiencing a time of need. We sometimes forget to even smile or even look at them when we are passing each other as we enter our abodes.

Today is Monday

You have another great opportunity to make someone’s day a little better.

Smile and say “Hello Neighbor!!”

It will make their day brighter….and yours too!



Monday Gets Bee-U-Ti-Ful

Thought I would take a walk and get inspired to write my Blog post for this week.  Flowers and shrubs and trees are blooming everywhere here.  Hummingbirds are swarming and appear to have trouble deciding just which flower to dine at today.  Wish I could have gotten a picture of one; but they are much too quick for my amateur photography skills.

I find it very interesting how, when we are going through our daily routine,  we often don’t take the time to observe what is happening right in front of our face!  Our eyes “see” what is in front of us; but somehow it just doesn’t register with the rest of our being.  I wonder if we just get ‘hardened’ to the daily mundane or if we actually have to train ourselves to really “see” with more than our eyes.  I know when I was strolling around I started feeling very excited about what I might anticipate finding around the corner.  I have gone on the same walk and saw many of the things I saw today; but somehow the appreciation of them didn’t quite equal the excitement of the experience today.  What beauty there is in the most simple, ‘plain jane’ plants, trees, rocks and even the grass!!

The color palette alone of everything I saw today could fill the largest box of Crayola crayons.  As I strolled along, I felt like there should be a large orchestra with a rising crescendo following along with me.  I felt like singing….but restrained myself….my dog, Tramp looked at me strangely when I started humming to myself.

Maybe this is how our lives get so out of sync.  We forget to find the joy in our daily lives.  We sometimes consider our lives boring and mundane; but they’re really not!  We are exposed to so many beautiful and extraordinary things each day.  Hmmmm….I wonder if a person who makes their living as a landscape photographer ever gets tired of marveling in their subjects??!!

Another thing I realized is that because I was planning to share these photos with you, my enthusiasm seemed to increase with each photo I took.


Perhaps, that’s the key to having a happier and more satisfied life…..maybe we need to always remember to share our experiences with others in order to enhance our own individual experiences.  As Winnie the Pooh would say, “It’s so much more friendly with two.”  Isn’t that interesting?!!….Even though my dog, Tramp, annoys the heck out of me on our walks because he pulls too much and he often forgets the most basic leash commands (I know ‘Train the Trainer’ some of you are saying), I still enjoy my walks more when he is with me.  Guess Pooh was right.

I have to share with you just a few pictures of where my stroll ended today.  Our garden on the patio seems to be growing by leaps and bounds…..I think it happened overnight!  A little bit of SoCal rain and…..Poof!….Magic!!

Wow!  I can hardly wait for all these plants to start bearing fruit.  Yums!!  Thank you California Sunshine!

So…my Monday has been quite enlightened and filled with beauty and color.  Hope you find something today that allows your eyes to “see” everything you encounter and to marvel in its beauty.  Thought I would share a little wisdom from one of my favorite story tellers….

“What day is it?” asked Pooh.

“It’s today!” squeaked Piglet.

“My Favorite Day!” said Pooh.

Today is Monday….My Favorite Day too!

Monday Gets Bee-U-Ti-Ful!

Hope yours is too.



Monday Gets Honest

A co-worker was quite surprised this week when I told her it was really difficult for me to commit to writing this Blog each week.  I am so busy with work and just the every-day routine that I am having trouble squeezing it into my schedule.  Last week, there was some kind of technical issues going on with this site.  When I would hit ‘save draft’, it would completely delete my entire post!!  I would have to start from scratch (by the third time, I got smart and copied it somewhere else; so I wouldn’t have to COMPLETELY re-write it AGAIN) and repost it.  This all added to the already time-consuming task.  All of these difficulties made me question why was I adding to the stress in my life by making this weekly commitment; and very honestly, I have had to push myself each week not to give up on it.  I started a list of pros and cons (yes, I have lists everywhere) and for a while I sat and looked at a piece of paper that just had in the “pros” column that ‘I liked when the post was all completed and posted for the week’.  I liked the finish product; but couldn’t come up with any other reasons doing it prior to that final moment of publishing.

It’s supposed to be about the journey along the way…not the finish line, right?  I think I lost sight of what was the finish line and was feeling each week was a hurdle that was the end of the journey……

I'm finished!!


I started this Blog because I wanted to make a difference.  I wanted to use my weekly happenings to encourage others to make a difference too….in themselves and everyone and everything around them.  I wanted to let you know that You Matter; and what you do is important.   I thought if I could share some of my stories that it would inspire you to do things a little different each day.   I wanted you to realize that if you would “Just Start With Monday” to do something that would make a difference that the days following could be even better and good things would come from your efforts.

I’m not a writer.  I’m not even a very good story-teller.  I took a Creative Writing course in college; but I didn’t do very well in the class….so what was I thinking when I took on this huge weekly commitment with so little knowledge or expertise behind it??!!  Should I just stop with Week 6?  Hmmm. 6 out of 52 is not so good, huh?  I’m not usually a quitter; but 52 weeks from now seems like a long way away from today.  What should I do?

Well, here is what I’ve decided.  I still want to do things to make a difference; but if I make this seem like such a difficult task, why IN THE WORLD would you want to do the same.    I think goodness and kindness and wanting to show you care is a natural part of everyone.  I just need to focus on that important fact and everything else will fall into place.

You won’t find a Pulitzer Prize writer when you read my Blog each week.  You’ll just find an individual who struggles just like you do to sometimes get through Mondays too.  But, you will also find an individual who is committed to fulfilling a commitment and a purpose.  I want to make not only Mondays a good day of the week; but soon Tuesday thru Sunday will be just as important and fulfilling for each of us.

So, you and I are in this together.  We are going to help each other do good things.  I hope my weekly stories will inspire you to try new things and push yourself to accomplish many good things.  I’d love it if you would share your stories too.  That’s what it’s about, right?  Just start with one individual to make a difference and they will inspire others to do the same!  And the whole point is that you don’t need to be GOOD at anything….you just have to do GOOD things!  “Do Good for Dummies” will probably never be published because it just isn’t necessary.  We ALL are capable of easily accomplishing good things.

So here’s a big cheer for MONDAY!!

Go Monday!

I think it is the most important day of the week.

Hope I have your support to help make it special.

Go Monday!   Go Monday!   Go Monday!



Monday Gets Eye-Opening

For The 2012 Tax Season: Nearly 99 million people have filed their individual tax returns.  Over 210 Million have visited the IRS website.  Over 224 Billion Dollars have been refunded to tax payers.  (I am ‘batting’ 2 out of 3 on these statistics….no refund in my pocket this year!! 😦

Maybe you’re reading this post while waiting in line at the post office for that prized, date stamp on your IRS envelope proving you made the deadline.  Or maybe, you’re surrounded by many little pieces of paper in a last-ditched effort to not have to file an extension.  Or maybe you’re sitting back and breathing a sigh of relief that you were among the 99 million that have already had their returns processed.

No matter what your situation, Today is a day to acknowledge……


I have noticed since I filed my Return, I have been scrutinizing every receipt I get….is this a tax deduction?  where should I file this?  Realization hit that I don’t even have a filing system set up to save receipts for the coming year.  But more importantly….I have been questioning, with each purchase, do I really need this?  Definitely, an ‘eye-opening’ experience to take the moment to take stock of your current circumstances……

Did you Know?….

  • Only 24% of consumers have the recommended six months’ savings cushion.
  • Less than 24% have ‘not a single penny’ tucked away. Only 1 in 4  could easily survive a huge demand in their budgets.
  • One survey indicated 56% of adults don’t have any kind of budget.
  • About 1/3 of Americans don’t pay their bills on time.

So how do we get in some of these situations?  It didn’t just happen overnight, my friend!!  Creating budgets means setting goals.  I’m not really one who asks myself where do I want to be in five years….not to say, that’s not a great idea.  We all have different capacities and for me, it is about what do I want to accomplish by the end of 2012.   It is a conceivable ‘finish line’ that I can easily visualize.

What works for you?  Maybe start small and just tuck $5 or $10 into your piggy bank each week.  Maybe make a point of emptying your change each day into a jar.  It’s really amazing how much can accumulate in just one month.  My Dad use to religiously do that each day he came home from work.  When I wanted or needed something special, it was amazing the amounts he could ‘pull’ from his glass jar!!  It took me a long time to learn (and appreciate) his spend-thrift ways….but better late than never!

So get some paper and write down every single penny you will need to spend in the next month.  I get paid twice a month; so I divide mine into two columns.  Be sure to include food, utilities, gas and any other amount that is constant.  Be honest with yourself and include everything, including those expensive lunches(sometimes breakfast and dinner too) and your Starbucks’ visits. Tally them and subtract the amount from what your total monthly net income might be.  If it’s a negative number, then it’s ‘back to the drawing board’ to find a place to conserve.  The ‘food’ item is a place to start.  Food category should include those expensive lunches and café lattes.  Bet you could pack a lunch that is much less than what you are spending to eat out every day and also much more nutritious and yummy too.  I like to save on gas spending for my car; so I park my car on Friday after work and don’t move it again until Monday morning.  I save gas money AND I walk more; so I’m improving my health (which also will save money in the long run) and improving my budget all at the same time.  Not to mention….my dog, Tramp, loves walking too.

Now, if you are in a better place financially, and your bottom line number was positive, you still have work to do.  What do you foresee in the near future that you need to save a few bucks?  Kids heading to college soon?  Might need a new car in a year or so?  A special trip?  Purchasing a new home?  No matter what it is, just be sure to tuck that extra money away

AND try to improve your budget in places that you can add even more to that nest egg.

Another thing to think of is something that can be expended for Free…..Your Time.  Maybe you and your neighbor could barter skills….you could walk their dog every day while they are at work and they could take care of your dog while you’re away for the weekend……Have you priced what it costs to board a dog over the weekend!!??  Maybe you could start a garden together?  or have a garage sale?  or perhaps, you could get together with a few people in your neighborhood and have a pot luck dinner?  Whatever it is, you will be saving money AND helping out someone else too.

So……Open your Eyes!

Deal with Reality and Move yourself to a better place.

Only YOU can make the changes.

I’m headed to file all my receipts away in an organized way.

Then,  headed out soon to check my garden on the patio.  Yummy things are popping up in every pot we planted…..saving money—eating healthy.

What are you going to be doing?

Whatever it is…..realize that you are making a difference for yourself AND for others around you.

Making choices is a good thing—it’s about being the best you can be and wanting to live a rewarding life!

Have a Great Monday—Make it the Best Day of the Week.



Monday Gets Personal

It is April and the month is filled with celebrations….Earth Day, Arbor Day, Easter, Passover, Wesak and glorious Springtime, just to name a few!   Time to rejoice in the joys and miracles of life and new beginnings.  Often April is filled with lots of family time and moments reminiscing of past celebrations and loving acknowledgement of new things yet to come.  I thought it might be a good time to stop and reflect on each of our lives….where I am, where I’ve been and what possibilities might be on the horizon……

Monday Gets Personal

I’ve told you a little bit about where I’ve been in previous posts.  I don’t want to bore you with all the many trails my life journey has created.  I think I could probably start my own State Park with all the winding paths I’ve experienced.  However, I do want you to take the time to think about your life…..but I want you to just think of all the good and positive things that have come your way.  Do you have a nice family?  Good health maybe?  Children that you are proud of that you have raised to be kind and loving human beings? (I’ve been blessed with a wonderful son, who lights up my heart with a smile each time I see him.) Maybe you just paid off your house and labored hard for many years and can now celebrate the accomplishment?  Or maybe you are about to celebrate a special wedding anniversary?  Relationships are difficult and huge commitments.  If you have maintained the love and trust and respect that takes to continue, then give yourself a huge round of applause.

We all have something that we could celebrate and be proud of today.  Make sure you grab the moment to not only congratulate yourself, but also another person in your life who has been along for the journey with you.  Let them know that “they matter!”

I’d love to share with you what the future might hold for me; but since I don’t own a crystal ball (I meant to ask Santa for that last year), I don’t think I can do that today.  Guess I could just make up my own creations of what I’m going to be when I grow up.  However, I kind of like to just be surprised by all the twists and turns yet to happen.  I’ll just have to share with you in future weeks what exciting adventures I experience.  Let’s hope for everyone that good things are on the horizon.  Times have been difficult for a few years and it would be nice to feel we are through the roughest part and our daily routines become less stressful.

So, today, I’m just going to focus on where I am at the moment.  Today is Monday–A new opportunity to start the week to make a difference.  But most importantly, I want to acknowledge and share the wonderful, personal feeling I have today ….. “I Matter”.   I can make a difference!  I can change the world!  I can do something to make my life better and I can do something to make someone else’s life better!  What does it take?  Simple things…..a smile, a helping hand, a thoughtful acknowledgement to someone that you love, a hug, a kiss, a letter to an old friend, planting a tree, drinking more water, walking your dog an extra time around the block (Good for me and good for my dog,Tramp too)…..  Whatever it is….Just Do it!   Now!     Today!

One thing….Two or more…All of them!

Tell someone that they matter to you.

It makes me feel happy when I do that.  Hope you get the same feeling.

Come on….Join the Movement!

Be a part of the Every Monday Matter Team!

Pass this Post on and share with others so they can feel “They Matter” too.

Here’s something from me to you….Hope it makes a difference in your day.

Have a great Monday!



A bouquet of smiles to brighten your day!

Monday Gets Creative


We’ve given our Mondays Purpose and Also Got Inspired…..Now let’s ‘run the moths out’ of the right side of your brain and let

Monday Get Creative……..

I have so many creative projects I would like to do; but never seem to find (or make) the time for any of them.   Got to get that dormant side of our brains churning!  There are so many cobwebs in mine that it is a huge effort to think in that mode right now.  Maybe sit down and make a list of what you would like to do and then just close your eyes and randomly pick one of them.

Here’s the “pick” on my list.  These are some of the cards I put together.  You can buy the card stock at just about any of the craft stores.  I had a bunch of ribbon and just cut it into strips and glued them on the card stock.  Nothing fancy or super original; but hope when they are sent to friends that they know I took a little extra time to make something special for them.  Nothing fancy here…just fun stuff.  The more you do–the better you get.  Hope you’ll have fun with your project too.

Okay that’s one project only about 99,000 more to go.  But….The creative juices are flowing. 

I find it very interesting how so many times we have creative thoughts and ideas flowing through our mind; but we just don’t even acknowledge that they exist sometimes.  I have several artist friends and I really admire them for allowing their creative thoughts and abilities to surface daily.  Art is all around us.  We need to just stop our mind and take in all the amazing colors and sounds and shapes and miraculous creations that we are exposed to every day.  When I am walking my dog, Tramp, I love seeing so many different and colorful flowers.  I want to just pick them all and bring them home.  I do, however, resist the urge (most of the time) feeling that they should be left in their place to share with others.  I have a little flower garden started near my front door and would be devastated if someone cut them and took them home.

Creativity comes in all different forms.  What’s your specialty?   Maybe you would like to paint or maybe do a little pottery.  Or maybe decorate a room in your house or build a new shelving unit that you need for storage.  Maybe you want to write a book or even create some music or since it is the good ole IRS season, maybe you can get creative on your taxes……not too much though.  The ‘Gov” wouldn’t appreciate too much artistry.

If you feel it is just too overwhelming to even begin, then check out an art museum or local gallery in your area and take some time to appreciate work by others.  I find that can be great stimulation to get my creative thoughts started.  The main thing is to use the moment to put a little balance in your life.  There is a great book called ‘Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain’  by Betty Edwards that can help you understand all the reasons why opening ourselves to creativity can help us in everything we do.  The author conducts workshops and forums in lots of different types of workplaces; and has unearthed great results in the most devout Left Brainer!    I’m reading a book that a friend gave me called ‘At Left Brain Turn Right’.   It’s a fun book to read by Anthony Meindl, a local director of a well known Actor Workshop here in L.A.  He talks about how actors have to continue to struggle to keep Right Brain focused.  We don’t think of artist having some of the same struggles as us “closet” artists.

So… your list made?  Hope this is a start of something fun and inspiring and artistic and stimulating and rewarding…..all wrapped up into one!!  If you’re still hesitating, just grab your keys and head to the local art supply store and wander down the aisles for something to ‘jump’ into your basket.  At very, very least….grab one of those ‘paint by number’ kits.  They always remind me of my childhood and long summer days sitting on the porch working on one of those ‘masterpieces’.  Remember—it’s not about the perfection of the creation…..but rather about just experiencing the creative process and letting your Brain wander to a different  and more artful place.

Feel free to post a comment to let me know what the Right Side of YOUR Brain is doing!  I know I have some really amazing artist friends out there who can provide some great links to check out to help with inspiration.  I’m sure you have a few artist friends yourself.  Maybe give them a buzz to get together and help you get started on your path to a more creative and balanced life.

Happy Creative Monday!



Monday Gets Inspired


Okay….another Monday—another opportunity to start the week with a bang!!

  Last week we gave your Monday Purpose; so that’s a start.  But, if you’re like me….the Procrastination Queen….you got bogged down towards the middle of the week.  Well, that’s okay.  Another Monday–another chance for a new start.  Let’s get you back on track…….

Today—Monday Gets Inspired!!

Sometimes, when we are least expecting it, maybe riding home from work or taking a walk with your dog, or maybe (if you’re like one of my friends), you’ve filled up the bathtub with lots of hot water and mounds of bubbles and “brilliance” just pops into your head.

With Spring just around the corner, I had the opportunity to go with one of my neighbors to a beautiful (and very inspiring) flower and plant market here in Los Angeles on Sunset Boulevard.  The colors and the smells and the butterflies and bees and possibilities of so many choices was a bit overwhelming; but inspiring all the same.  Yippee! Spring!

We were there to buy some vegetable plants to put in pots on our back patio area.  My neighbor is a landscape designer; so it was this unbelievable educational moment as we were winding our way through all the flowers and plants and she could tell me exactly what they were and how they grew and how big they would get…..and, most importantly, why they weren’t meant to be put in our little pots on the back patio!     I, of course, pick colors more often than what will grow in certain places…..there IS a reason it says “shade only and lots of water”.  Nature created the rules and they are NOT to be broken.

High Hopes for a Bountiful Crop!!

Another neighbor joined us to get in on the fun.  He loves to cook; so high hopes that we will have some great dishes to try when our garden matures. As you can see from the picture, we just have containers for the plants; but have planted several kinds of tomatoes, bell peppers, hot Thai peppers (another neighbor requested it specifically—we were challenged to choose the hottest ones we could find), squash, cucumbers, and seeds of green beans, cucumbers and basil are there for the surprise of their peeking up through the soil once temperatures are right.  We continued to gather any size pots we could find and quickly our garden ‘grew’.  Added, radishes, carrots, beets, cilantro, and parsley. Will share some pictures with you as they progress.  The best part is to have others joining in.  We’ll take turns watering and fertilizing and probably battling a few bugs too.  It makes me realize how easily things get accomplished and how enjoyable they can be when others join in.  The three of us, together, made a difference…..helping the environment, growing vegetables to eat healthier and even saving money instead of purchasing the vegetables we’re growing…..all the while having fun!

So…..what are you inspired to do today?  Write a novel, paint a masterpiece, train for a marathon or (in true Hollywood style) produce an epic movie?  Those aren’t on my list this week (or probably not in my lifetime); but ‘go for it’ if you feel the rise of enthusiasm perking in you.  I’m more about just writing a short note to a friend or painting my nails or maybe feeling a bit more energized to walk my dog, Tramp, around a few extra blocks.  Remember, it’s got to be what makes you feel good about yourself.  Always remind yourself that “You Matter”.  It’s a very important lesson to learn.  And, soon, you will find that you want to share that feeling with others.  Are you getting the picture?  You make a difference in yourself—then you help others do the same.  Remember–You’re not alone.  The Every Monday Matters team is behind you.

So now….

close your eyes,

take a deep breath,

sit up straight (your mother had a reason for telling you to do that)

and, let the inspiration juices flow.

Make it happen……

Monday Gets Inspired!!!

See you next week.  Be sure to leave a comment of what inspired you….or maybe even what you did to inspire someone else.

Happy Monday!




Today is Monday and I want to make it something special.

Hope you will be a part of my journey.

This is my first blog and I’d like to tell you about myself and how this writing idea got started.

About a year ago, I was living in Tennessee and struggling to survive the cold, dismal winters.  Some of you are probably saying that winters in Tennessee are relatively mild compared to other parts of the country.  That may be true for you; but you see, prior to moving to the Smoky Mountain area, I had lived most of my life in the Sunshine State of Florida.  I was accustomed to a max of 3 days where temps might dip below freezing and snow and ice was a rare commodity.   Offering 95% of the days being sun-filled in Florida (sometimes even when it was raining), the Smokies presented quite the opposite weather….lots of dark and gloomy days especially during the winter months.

Perhaps, it was the weather, perhaps it was the lack of job satisfaction, perhaps the unsettled feeling that often plagued me, or maybe I was just a gypsy in another life and needed to move on to another quest.  Whatever was the cause, when my son suggested moving West to California, it just seemed like the thing to do.  “Chasing The Sun” became my theme and I packed up whatever would fit into my car and a small U-Haul trailer, loaded in my sweet dog, Tramp and we hit the road.

I had driven less than 100 miles, when the reality of what I had just done hit like a jolt of lightning!  Should I turn back, did I do the right thing, what if it doesn’t work out????…..’Visions of question marks dancing in my head’…..all spinning around and questioning the core of my sanity!!  As would prove to be the case, my physical being was stronger than my roller coaster mind.  All the while my mind was interrogating my actions,  my car continued to stay steady on course–headed West……I guess it was an interesting way to pass the time as before I knew it, I had crossed the state line of the great state of Tennessee and into Arkansas and soon Oklahoma.  No turning back now….I had committed to my path and I started to have more visions of the Pacific Ocean than fields and farmlands of Tennessee.

So this is how my journey to today began……

Today, I am now in California, settled in a Hollywood Bungalow, living and loving the California life.  I rarely ask myself “did I do the right thing anymore” but rather “why didn’t I had taken the leap of faith earlier?!!”

But wait….it gets better.

I have landed what I feel is the best job I ever had….and trust me, my resume is overflowing with job experience.  At each previous place of employment, I gave my best and worked hard to succeed.  Leaving each had many reasons….going to school, moving with family, company expansion, company downsizing, quest for more advancement or enjoyment.  And for some reason, for many years, I would get easily bored with doing just one job and often had two or three at the same time.

But….this job?  Well, it sometimes even seems unexplainable.  My place of employment is

………….Every Monday Matters……….

It is a social responsibility company that is making a difference….one Monday at a time.  It’s not about a dramatic show of banners and protests and bandstand politics; but rather a quiet movement of individuals who care about others; and each have learned that ‘caring’ starts with one’s self.  It’s about creating a culture of goodness that then becomes a way of life that makes you want to share the feeling with others.

Sounds like something that might last for a short stint and then slowly fizzle out, right?  Not in my World!!  Once you experience the ‘heart’ of this movement, you are hooked forever.  It starts with little things like caring for yourself by exercising or eating better or even drinking more water to be healthy.  It’s about doing things that helps others, helps the environment and creates a feeling of gratefulness about each moment of your life and each of the individuals around you.

And the best part for me…..Well, you see the Every Monday Matters team isn’t about a staff who creates things that they don’t believe or care about.

We don’t compete….we support.

We don’t look at failures…but rather strengths.

We’re not too busy when a team member needs a helping hand.

We aren’t afraid to share our ideas….no matter how, at the moment, they may seem ridiculous or minute.

We are what we are creating among others…..individuals who want to make a difference–in our work, our community, among our team mates and in ourselves.  We all are part of something bigger than ourselves and We All Feel that we matter.

Our purpose is simple…..We want you to feel the same.  We want you to feel You Matter too!!

So….today is Monday.  Want to join the journey?

Today You can make a difference.

Today……Monday Gets Purpose

What have you been wanting to do for some time; but just couldn’t seem to find the time to start it?  Start small.  Make it simple.  Just Do it!!

Maybe you need to finish a project at work.  Or maybe you need to clean out a closet at home.  Or maybe, you need to tackle doing your Taxes (awww! the dreaded beast).  Perhaps, you have a school project to finish or even there is a room that needs a new coat of paint.  Make it about moving forward to a better place.

Make a list, step by step, of what it will take for you to accomplish your goal.  Then, tackle the steps one by one.  Give yourself a date to meet your end results.  Put it on your calendar with the thought it will be a time to celebrate.  Each time you mark off one of the steps, you need to give yourself a pat on the back and remind yourself that you’re doing a good job.  We all need to have goals in our life; but we also need to remember to reward ourselves when we are able to ‘jump the hurdles’ to reach those goals.

I’d love to hear what you have given yourself as a challenge.  Feel free to share your goals here.  Or maybe, you’ve run into a roadblock and would like suggestions to keep going.  This space should be considered your community that supports you and makes you feel you are not alone and there is someone else here applauding your efforts and cheering you on.  Maybe others will offer suggestions or encouragement that you need to keep moving forward.

And remember…..once you give your Monday Purpose……you have become a part of the Every Monday Matters movement.  You have just made a difference!  Now, you’re part of thousands of others who have done the same thing.

So pass this on……to one, to five, to ten other friends.

Invite them to be a part of the Culture of Goodness that we’re creating……one individual at a time.  We LOVE having you part of our team!!

Remember—–You Matter!

Happy Monday!!